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With the financial jargon becoming more and more complex for native and non-native speakers alike, there is a need for up-to-date multilingual reference tools.
After several years of in-depth, meticulous lexicographical research EcoLinguae is now in a position to present a rich and comprehensive bilingual online translating and explanatory dictionary of economy, banking, business and finance. With more than 6850 entries per language, the dictionary tackles all domains of today's business life, from the most recent Stock Exchange instruments to corporate and trade finance, risk management, accounting, credit practices and custody. Powerful search capacities as well as edit and import functions make it a highly valuable tool for financial consultants, investors, brokers, as well as students in economics, translators and high-level secretaries.keywords: dictionnaire économique et financier anglais français banque finances banking english french financial dictionary economy investment translation specialised free online dictionary

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